Tuesday, 11 December 2012

I'm new to this!

Hello :)

Recently I stumbled across a few beauty and fashion blogs and have read about them in magazines. The bloggers world is brand new to me so I have no idea how it works apart from what I've seen in other peoples blogs. So! Here is my first attempt!

I'll start with a little about me... My name is Jo, I live near Glasgow and I'm 22. I have recently graduated from Glasgow Caledonian University with a BSc honours in Occupational Therapy. While I'm looking for a full time professional position I work for a supermarket to earn pennies to fuel my beauty and fashion addiction and as a support worker to gain experience working with people with a variety of disabilities and health problems. I enjoy experimenting with make up and clothes although I'm no make up artist or stylist I've just always had an interest in all things pretty! Still living at home with my parents *sigh* my fiance and I can't afford to move out until I get full time employment unfortunately!

I am forever buying new makeup and new clothes so I'll do some reviews more than likely along the way! Really into MUA and Illamasqua at the mo so I'll post about that soon!

Ta Ta for now :)

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