Thursday, 3 January 2013

New Year Resolutions

So as we have come to the end of another year I thought I'd share my plans for 2013.

Be more organised

It appears that I can be organised when I really really try, but I easily slip off the bandwagon in favour of an extra 10 minutes in bed. It doesn't seem like such a big problem but if you're anything like me a few minutes makes all the difference in the morning! Its the difference between making time for a proper breakfast and running out the door in a mad dash with a banana in hand that I don't even eat because I'm too flustered at the near miss of my bus etc! So, getting up on time or 10 minutes extra is the plan to get the best start to my day!

Eat better/exercise more/loose weight

Now this seems to be a new year resolution of most however I really need to take this seriously this year. Since I met my partner I've put on weight through over indulging far to regularly. I started some exercise in the summer and was doing well until I hurt my back quite badly. I went swimming a few times a week and attended a Zumba class. I was encouraged to get back into exercise from my GP but being on my feet all day at my job meant my back was agony by the time I got home and all I really wanted to do was to have my dinner and just relax to soothe my poor back. Due to this it would seem I've possibly put more weight on. So I guess it's time I got over my fear of the scales and just try to get on with it! I've got to start somewhere! I'll keep you posted on how I'm getting on!

Find a full time job

Oh the bain of my life! I graduated from university in the summer with an honours degree in Occupational Therapy. My final year was tough but I loved it and I wish I was still at uni rather than trying to find work! Towards the end of 2012 I began to become despondent and just fed up being told I was 'lovely', 'enthusiastic' and that I had great knowledge but not enough experience. It's exhausting when I've spent four years of my life learning about a specific profession which I love and no one is willing to give me a chance to show them that I'm not just enthusiastic but I'd be a pretty good new Occupational Therapist! Although I did get a new job as a support worker to keep my new skills ticking over as best I can at the moment, it's time to move on and get full time work not only to gain much needed experience but also so I can move on with my life and my partner. So that is a main aim of mine for 2013.

Move out of my mum and dad's!

Obviously this is very much dependent on the previous resolution! But it really is a must. I love my parents but it is time my partner and I started our own lives! I can't wait to have my own little flat and to decorate it all and make it all pretty! Plus I feel responsible for holding my fiance back because he's still living at home while I try to find a job so we can both move on. As you can imagine, living between our parents homes isn't exactly the best way to live!

Sort out my bedroom once and for all

I have a terrible relationship with my bedroom. For a woman of my age it should be my abode but it's more like a death trap. I am just so messy and when I attempt to sort it out I don't know where to start so I become side tracked. It is such a pain! I have a major shopping addiction therefore I have far too much stuff. I'm not the sort of girl who either loves shoes OR bags... I love both and have way too many but I can't stop! So I really need to try and make it fit for a princess rather than a war zone! Wish me luck as I'll need it!

Spend less, save more!

This resolution leads on from the previous as you might of imagined! If I stop buying so much keeping my space organised should prove easier to keep on top off. I do believe however that this resolution may actually be the one I break first! But, my hearts in the right place... so we shall see!

Start planning my wedding!

This is by far the most exciting and fun resolution I have, so I saved it for last! I got engaged to my partner in June 2012, I had just finished uni and it was definitely the highlight of my year. He took me away to Airth Castle, a beautiful hotel and castle with a spa and glass house restaurant. We stayed over night in the castle which was truly magical. After we had been to the spa and enjoyed a bit of luxury he pretty much demanded we went for a walk in the gorgeous gardens. Now for June it wasn't exactly warm but we live in Scotland so I wasn't bothered but he insisted we went for a walk and even though I was frozen I decided not to complain. So wet/dirty hair and not a trace of makeup left on my face we went walking in the garden. I really did think I'd of looked better when my dream moment happened but looking back I wouldn't change it for the world, he took me over to a huge tree and out of the blue got down on one knee and produced the most beautiful ring I have ever seen! He told me I was the best thing that had happened to him and that he couldn't imagine life without me and wanted to be with me forever. Then he asked me to be his wife! So now I feel its time to start planning the big day so I'm super excited for that!

So there you have it! These are my aims for 2013. I really do hope to keep the majority of them, especially the important life changing ones!
What are your aims for 2013?

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