Friday, 11 January 2013

Product Review - Kedem Cosmetics Vanilla Salt Scrub and Body Butter

Hello! So I'm off today (wooo!) and in between studying for my driving theory, doing a bit of housework and painstakingly applying for jobs I thought I'd do a little product review!

As far as I'm aware Kedem are a fairly new up and coming company selling natural skin care products containing Dead Sea minerals and essential oils which are fantastic for use with dry skin and apparently some medical skin complaints aswell!

The products I own and use that I'm reviewing are the Salt Scrub in Vanilla and the Body Butter in Vanilla.

Salt Scrub 500g rrp £59.99

This stuff is fab if waay expensive!
 It's so luxurious to use in the shower or bath and softens hard or dry skin in one use. I only use it once a week or the night before a night out to prep my skin for fake tanning etc as it is so moisturising. My main problem with oily body products is that they don't sink in and leave a horrible residue on the skin but this is a dream!
At first it doesn't feel as though it has all washed away but once you get out the shower and dry off you can feel that the product has sank in and your skin will look glowing and nourished.
 The scent of this is wonderful and isn't too strong, using it in the bath leaves you feeling lovely and relaxed.

Here's a little tip: I use this to help remove fake tan as it is a gentle way of doing it. After I have rubbed it all in I just take a flannel or a body puff and any horrible streaky fake tan left over comes off leaving skin ready for a fresh new fake tan application!

The only downside to this is if you scrub too hard it can be slighty scratchy but as long as you are gentle when applying it you should be fine!

Body Butter 250g rrp £59.99

This beautiful butter has the same amazing qualities as its salty friend!
It has a rich thickness which is lovely and it feels expensive.
 I use it after the salt scrub and it just glides onto my skin and sinks in immediately getting rid of any stubborn dry skin.

I use both products quite frequently on my feet and I have seen a great improvement in my skin. Much less dry skin and softer.

Again, the scent is lovely and fresh and I find it relaxing.

I know the prices of these products are high end but they really are worth the money if you want to tackle dry skin or even just a bit of luxury, and they are long lasting as I've had these a good few months now however...
you don't want to hear that!

I have a secret to share!
On my wage there is no way I could afford high end beauty products at that price!

Kedem have an ebay shop and if you make them a half decent offer they usually accept it! I bought the salt scrub and body butter for £10 each!
I also have the salt in kiwi and mango because of this, they are still unopened!

They also have a stall in St Enochs Centre in Glasgow that my parents bought the scrub from for £20 after haggling with the very enthusiastic sales people! (that was how I found out about them.)
They probably have other stalls in various shopping centres throughout the UK!

So there you have it! High end, luxurious skin beauties for less than half price!

Have you tried any Kedem Cosmetics? What did you think?
I'd love to try some of their skin care products for the face!


  1. Bought scrub and cream for £30 and a free facial cream in the salford centre, checked the company website but it has gone. Sure feels good . Must be getting rid of the stock. Too expensive at normal prices with the double dip etc. I do feel nice and relaxed.

    1. Aw that was good! They are such luxurious products!

      Jo x

  2. They have just opened up a shop in Southport., Very expensive and wanted me to pay out £80 for an eye lifting serum instead of £139 and this would include freebies but still way OTT for me!!

    1. £80 is steep! That must be one good eye serum!

      Jo x

  3. Hi, has any of you out there brought anything from a website called '' they sell the eye serum for less then £20!!!! Too good to be true!!

  4. I was approached in the street in Southport by a very enthusiastic sales person who thrust some body scrub in my hand. Of course I had to enter the shop then to rinse it off. I have to admit it felt really good and because I was in spending mode bought the scrub and body butter for 40 pounds.Supposedly it was half price!!! I USE the products and have no complaints about them however having just viewed the same body scrub on Amazon for 15 pounds I feel a little miffed to say the least.
    In the mean time I have purchased ten kilograms of dead sea salt and some Shea butter from eBay and intend to make my own with my carrier and essential oils.
    So I would say to anyone wanting to buy these products, shop around for the best price.

  5. hi, i got some products in newcastle metro centre and i only paid 30 pound for 1 facial scrub and the aloe vera cooling gel. the shop on ebays charging 60 pounds each!!! no way and the active serum at 150 pounds yet they offered me on the stall for 50. where are you guys finding your products? x

  6. Just been to the Ideal Home Exhibition today at Earls Court. Got abused by one of Kedem's sales staff after apparently being "impolite" and "wasting [her] time if I wasn't going to buy anything". Last time I remembered, a customer is allowed try a tester, see if you like it and not get abuse if you decide against paying inflated prices!
    They have an extremely aggressive and pushy sales approach, where they squirt a sample of body scrub in your hand to try a make a sale. At that point you're kinda stuck and have to apply it before you get the option of washing it off. Not much choice!
    I got told the price while the scrub was on my hands and voiced that it may be too much for me. Then, she starts to push another cream to help me "lighten" my "tanned" skin!
    After indicating again it was too expensive a scrub, which she said she would reduce from £55 to £45 (and from other reviews it appears available for £20-30) this sales woman gets shirty, making out she's been hard done by when I respecfully declined a purchase! And making out I'm the rude one!
    Frankly, there was a not so subtle colour prejudice, I being of Indian origin, and this sales woman trying to push skin lightening products to "help" with my tan.
    This Kedem Sales woman is the most aggressive, obnoxious and rudest salesperson I've had the misfortune to have been served by across the Americas and EMEA.
    I'd give her an Oscar for playing being the most hard done by when not making a sale and for her soothing racist denigration for any slightly darker skinned women.
    A jaw dropping moment at the exhibition that happened so quick it takes a minute to register that you've just been insulted!
    It took me by surprise at this saleswoman's arrogance and air of superiority!
    No apology from her, just flounced off in a strop across the stall.
    Don't think I'll be purchasing any of their products, definitely not at exhibition prices anyway!
    Be wary!

  7. bought a lot of products from kedem cosmetics!!, love the lifting serum and eye and neck cream and the salt scrub. i also got the expoliating mask and after using it twice i got rid of redness i had on my face.
    i ordered some products in a lower price for amazin and found out they are expired and that is why the prices were low. the best place to buy is in the shops and sometimes they have special offers. if i compere to other expensive products i bought in the past like La Mer and Chanel it's money well spent, and i like the excitment of the sales rep in Kedem they are true born salesman and work hard.

  8. BEWARE !!! I bought the Kedem eye serum, eye and neck cream and facial collagen mask - after listening to a high pressure sales pitch - with gullible stamped on my forehead - for a whopping £150
    Couldn't wait to get home and try these miracles !!! within a short time my eyes were swollen, red itchy, watering. I was allergic to something in them unfortunately. THEY WILL NOT TAKE THEM BACK OR REFUND. very bad customer service, once they have your money they don't care. SO PLEASE LOOK AT THE INGREDIENTS BEFORE YOU BUY. I have never had a problem before so did not know.

    1. maybe you are allergic to something natural they have inside cause they sure are 100% chemical free!

  9. The most incredible product.... one tub of salt and the cream will last you forever though, it's uber concentrated so you only need to use a little bit. This stuff super surpasses any of it's rivals by a mile. If you're a deicated exfoliater and love soft skin, this is totally the product you should try - and it smells delicious too!


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