Friday, 4 January 2013

Better late than never...Christmas and Boxing day

As Christmas is been and gone most definitely in the blogosphere this post is a tad on the late side but oh well I'm new to this so I feel I should get immunity for my tardiness!

I thought I'd tell you about my all festivities in two posts as I think that would work best due to the lateness of this an'all! It may however be a bit of a read so feel free to just look at the pictures (I am aware my photography needs work!).


I had a fairly quiet Christmas this year due to me and my brother being all grown up and not having many little ones on my side of the family so it was just us and mum and dad. We got up at the semi earlyish time of 9.30am, which, I'm sure to some of you is the middle of the day on Christmas! I've been working lots and needed a chill and Christmas was the first chance I'd had to have a decent lie in. We had smoked salmon and blinis for breakie and then opened our presents! I was spoiled as usual...

 Andrews mum got me the Gok Wan Bag of Indulgence where all the body beauties come in a very sturdy vanity case! Its mega sale in Boots, you can buy it here for just £11.25 down from £45!
correct as of 04/01/13
 My Mum and Dad got me lots and lots of lovely things including some clothes...
 ... and these gorgeous shoes from, very festive!

I was lucky to get some makeup from Urban Decay that my parents had bought during their holiday to Memphis and New York back in October. I love Urban Decay, its one of my favourite beauty brands as their eyeshadows are so easy to apply and highly pigmented with huge choices in colour.

They got me the Smoked palette which you can buy here for £30 and the Complexion Primer seen as I love their eyeshadow primers so much. You can purchase that here for £19.
My brother got me the Guerlain Terracotta 4 Seasons Bronzer in 02 Brunettes which I asked him for after reading lots of reviews on it. 
It totally lives up to the hype! It's easy to apply, you don't need to use much to get some colour payoff and it makes me look lovely and bronzed without even a hint of orange. Due to the four colours for Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall you can either use them seasonally or, as I like to do, use the darkest shade to contour and the pinky shade as blush.
The packaging is so luxurious, it definitely looks the hefty price tag of £46.50 but the product is definitely worth it! Highly recommended! Oh! and it goes on like a dream with my MUA F5 Kabuki face and body brush for £5!

Dinner was ah-maze-zing!!!! Seriously so good!

That evening my fiance Andrew came up to my house to see my parents and exchange gifts! I was spoiled by him as usual getting my new vans which I loveee, some dresses a beautiful vintage blazer and makeup. I got a bit of a surprise when he got us a sort of joint present: season 4 of Supernatural which we are currently addicted to! Spoiled for the second time that day!
My new Vans!! From Office.
Wearing my new Blazer from Kathryn Vintage.                                                                       Excuseeeee the awful photo, but it was exciting!

We then went down to Andrew's so I could see my in laws for Christmas! 
This was the best part of the day as my sister in law (Andrews sister) had just had our new little nephew Logan James on the 22nd December weighing 6 pounds 12 ounces and they got home from hospital on Christmas day. I got my first cuddles with him that night and with Tyler (my other little rascal of a nephew)!
That was the best Christmas present I could of asked for!

Boxing Day

Andrew and myself braved the boxing day sales for the first time ever! We headed off earlyish to Braehead shopping centre which opened at 10am (I'm not one for the daft 6am Next sales and what not!).
We did very well! Got plenty good bargains in Dorothy Perkins, Oasis, Primark and Hollister, which by the way, you had to queue just to get in... it was 50% off though I suppose! I then treated myself online to some new beauty buys on Debenhams sale! I unfortunately haven't taken any photos of my new things yet therefore I can't really show you them but here are some links:

I bought two!
I also bought two 30ml Hope in a Jar moisturisers Christmas Ornaments £5 each, but they appear to be sold out now. It was some saving as the original 60ml Hope in a Jar is £34.

I was naughty and bought a couple items not in the sale...

In the afternoon we went to visit Andrew's dads side of the family which is fun as they are all crazy! Andrew's mum and dad took Tyler along as his sister wasn't up for visiting after her section and her husband stayed at home with her and the baby too. 

Tyler had a ball running around daft with his cousin and we enjoyed a Chinese,a few drinks and some board games. Andrew and I won the Chaser and myself and all Andrew's cousins when up against all our partners in the Men vs Women game. All that came out of it however was that our men are more feminine than manly as we were being asked questions about car engines and guns which none of us knew the answers to including the boys, and we were asking them questions about chick flicks and TV sitcoms like Friends which they knew all the answers to!
In the end we all decided to give up and came to the conclusion that they are all girls! It was a fab night!

I'll be posting about my Hogmanay antics and my Granny's 80th Birthday soon but with that I hope you all enjoyed your Christmas' and Boxing Days!


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