Thursday, 7 February 2013

My Full UK Rimmel Apocalips Collection: Mini Review and Swatches


I am aware that Rimmel Apocalips lip lacquers are a big hit at the minute in blogger town and I thought I'd be as well to jump on the band waggon. After all, when you can't decide if you'd like to purchase a product, reading lots of reviews is your best bet!

This will be quick though! I'm aware some of my posts have been extra longggg but I'm going to attempt to be short and snappy with this one!

Nude Eclipse, Luna, Nova

Nude Eclipse

Sorry to say it but I really don't like this one! I find it difficult to get even on my lips and it often looks streaky like I've used a cheap foundation on my lips... yikes! I'll persevere for a bit longer and try it out possibly with fake tan on as I think it would look better on deeper skin tones. 
We shall see...!


I feel the same about the consistancy of this one as well with the streaking. I do like the colour but think it looks harsh when my skin is au natural (aka casper). It definately washes pale complexions out but I think it's a lovely coral would really pop in the summertime with a bit more of a bronzed look. (fyi I do wear bronzer... but this still seems to wash me out, I think fake tan would be necessary).


I like this one! It looks very pink in this photo but it is a bit more muted than this (please excuse the flash!) and when dried it looks lovely as a matte with a little sheen. That's the great thing about these lip colours! They dry in and stain the lip, they don't disappear... huzzah!

Celestial, Apocaliptic, Galaxy



A beautiful dusty pink shade which I adore. It's very wearable and isn't streaky due to the bolder colour. Another one that looks great dried. These lip colours are easy wear as they aren't heavy and although they dry fairly matte, they don't dry out the lips.


This is just heaven in a tube if you are like me, and enjoy a bold lip! An amazing blue toned pink that looks fantastic day or evening!


A beautiful shimmering purpley shade! I find it very wearable and don't feel self conscious wearing it during the day, I just think its divine!

Stellar, Big Bang


A wonderful neon pink shade leaning toward red. It looks amazing for a night out and really pops in photos! Great to pair with a nude eye look to really make it stand out!

Big Bang

A classic red! I love Big Bang and recently wore it on a night out. I found it to be more wearable than Lime Crime Veletines Red Velvet which I've reviewed here if you wish to sneak a peek. It was light on the lips unlike Red Velvet which I actually found to be quite uncomfortable when I wore it long term. Big Bang is very comfortable and the wear time is amazing, I only reapplied during my night out get the gloss look back but if you were happy with the matte sheen effect it gives you could probably get away with not reapplying... everyone's different though!

Have you tried any of the Rimmel Apocalips range? What do you think? Which are your favourites?

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