Thursday, 7 February 2013

New Years Resolutions Revisited: New Job!!


I realise I am virtually blogging to myself however for those of you who do read this, thank you very much!

I wanted to revisit my New Years Resolutions post (you can view it here) as I have recently achieved 'find a full time job'! (Yaaaaaay!)

I am, as you may imagine completely over the moon about this and was super excited and wanted to share as soon as I found out on Wednesday last week but I had to sort out a few of the formalities and was too nervous to tell the world until I had done so!

So I will be an Occupational Therapist within a palliative and end of life care service which I am thrilled about as, although I didn't have the opportunity to get lots of experience within an environment such as this at university, it is an area that I am hugely interested in and I do think given the chance to find my feet that I'll be good at it! (I hope..)

Sadly, like most jobs these days, it isn't permanent but a temporary full time contract. But hey! It's more than I had before... an awful lot more, and this experience will be worth so much to me and my future career!

Wish me luck!!!

How are you getting on with your resolutions?


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    1. Thanks Allie! Im so excited! Now I just need to get cracking with my other resolutions! x


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